Ready to broaden your fan base and maximize your social media exposure? Keep reading to find out “what we do”.


One-on-One Consultation:

All of our packages start with a one-on-one consultation to determine your brand’s needs. Next, we evaluate your brand in the competitive landscape and develop a plan that is best suited to your business. Our primary goals are to increase your presence and to make your money go as far as possible!

post analysis leveraging

Post Analysis & Leveraging:

Depending on your plan, we will analyze your posts or assist in content management. We’ll provide suggestions for leveraging posts to gain the highest fan reach.

Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising:

The targeting capabilities of Facebook are exceptional, and we’ll help you connect with your specific audience. We provide coaching or manage full campaigns.

content management

Content Management:

Our process for developing content is a collaboration between Right Touch and the client. Depending upon the level of service we are providing, we can handle all content, art direction, and interface with your publicist and ad agency.

Premium Support:

Our Premium package assesses how social media marketing will fit into your total marketing plan, with a tailored analysis in Branding & Best Approach.

We will handle all aspects of content creation, posting, leveraging posts, advertising, commenting and interacting with your Fans. Depending on your industry, we can evaluate and execute a presence on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+

Additional services such as website development, graphic design and content for blog posts are also available. We can work with any social media platform and offer a variety of related services in marketing, creative and business consulting. We can always customize a plan according to your specific needs.

premium support

Measuring Success:

We define a “successful marketing campaign” in two ways: Capitalizing on your potential audience and giving you a return on your investment. The fan base we grow for your brand will be fans that are pertinent to your business, versus a shotgun approach that can spill resources.


Integrity, client satisfaction and our relationship with Facebook is of paramount importance to us. We follow their strict guidelines and use only approved techniques. We’ve never spam. You can trust us with your brand.

Social Media Consultation & Marketing Plans

Right Touch Media offers one-on-one consultations to determine the best methods to help grow your business. Invaluable analysis and creative assessment to build your personality, brand and message are included with every package.