Are you spending too much time and money on marketing strategies that just aren’t working for you? Right Touch Media can help. Check out our video then scroll down for our Q&A.


Here are some questions we often receive from our clients.

How long have you been in business?

I founded Right Touch Media 8 years ago.

Do you specialize in one specific industry?

Our clients range from luxury industries to artists, real estate, retail, the food industry, musicians, non­profits and a variety of start­ups.

How long do you think it will take before I notice an increase in followers?

Almost instantly. By assessing your brand, present and future audience, our clients see results quickly.

Does my company need to be on every social media platform?

No. It depends upon the industry and the goals of your brand. Our specialty is Facebook, and Facebook is an entire world unto itself, serving over one billion subscribers.

If I wanted to hire you for various platforms, do you offer additional services such as Twitter, Instagram, website/graphic design and content for blog posts?

Yes, we can work with any social media platform and offer a variety of related services in marketing, creative and business consulting. We can always customize a plan according to your specific needs.

How can Facebook help my brand?

In the vast field of online users with limitless potential, there is a risk of targeting to the wrong people. This can lead to expenditures with little reward. We identify the best online marketing opportunities for your brand which will give you the highest ROI.

What makes you different from your competitors in social media marketing?

You’re busy building your brand. Clients don’t have time to create content and strategies for Facebook and must depend on the experts. Many consultants use a template or a generic method for creating posts and ads. That can get the job done minimally but it’s not highly personalized to the brand and its personality. I began successfully connecting with others before founding Right Touch Media so my approach is from the inside out. I rely on my intuition.

How do you define a “successful marketing campaign”?

In two ways: Capitalizing on your potential audience and giving you a return on your investment.

Why is your pricing structured in tiers? Which tier is most popular?

There is an appropriate level of Facebook marketing for every client, regardless of size. Our migration to tiers allows us to grow with our client and become part of their DNA. All tiers are equally popular depending upon the stage of each brand’s business.

What’s your process for developing content?

This is a collaboration between Right Touch and the client. Depending upon the level of service we are providing, we can handle all content, art direction, and interface with your publicist and ad agency.

I’ve heard that social media companies have been accused of “spamming”. How do I know that I can trust you with my brand?

Integrity, client satisfaction and our relationship with Facebook is of paramount importance to us. We follow their strict guidelines and use only approved techniques.

Will I ever be dealing with someone other than you?

Despite having an experienced team, I proof all content and personally manage each account.

Do I have to give you access to my username and password?

For custom and agency­level packages and for advertising, we will require these credentials.

What’s your typical span for client retention?

Honestly, we haven’t lost a client yet.