Overnight Success


Facebook marketing extraordinaire Gordon Bahary began his career as a songwriter, artist and producer, with his music soaring into the Billboard Top 10. He reached multi­-platinum success with 7 million copies sold. Gordon has collaborated with some of our time’s most influential names in music, including Herbie Hancock, Raven Symone and others. As the producer and manager for Stevie Wonder’s record label in the 70’s­ – 80’s, and later CEO of a popular international luxury brand for more than a decade, Gordon has used his unique and diverse creativity to find success at the highest levels in business.

After dedicating most of his life to music, the entertainment industry underwent massive change, particularly due to technology. He struggled to find new growth in his brand. He spoke with dozens of companies, looking for trustworthy, capable, affordable representation. It was an unstable market in a ruthlessly competitive industry. His brand was an extension of himself,­ a metaphorical “baby” that couldn’t be trusted with just anyone.

And then it hit him: he could capitalize on his technical proficiency, along with the interpersonal skills he gained in the entertainment field. In this “aha” moment, Gordon saw Facebook as the perfect combination of technology and personal connection.

Gordon noticed the complex patterns in the “artificial intelligence” (algorithm) of social media and saw it as an immediate resource, and soon began building the platform and model of what would become his new business. He spent hundreds of hours personally engaging with his fans.

Proven Strategies

Gordon’s music blew up. He reached over 92 million people (according to Facebook’s reports) and he quickly gained more than 175,000 engaged followers world-wide. He started getting calls from agencies and sponsors and landed deals with Sony Music and Barnes & Noble. Everyone claims to have a strategy that sells, but his is proven. Gordon is his own success story.

People were curious. Executives from Facebook and Sony called him, inquisitive of his techniques. Everyone wanted to know who handled his social media ­ this is how Right Touch Media was formed. Gordon’s right touch in identifying with a company’s brand and accentuating its relevance is genius and has resulted in major personalities and global brands seeking him out. His vision was to show others how to connect with their followers and apply honest, tactical strategies to best use their money without “spilling” it. His careful tendencies, personal approach and unique creative style set Gordon and Right Touch Media apart from any other social media and marketing management company.